Oasis Humidifier -Designed for Ukuleles


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Oasis ukulele humidifier helps prevent ukulele body cracks due to dry conditions.

Oasis works by allowing water to evaporate through the fabric. Unless the refill Is opened, outside air, cannot get in to replace the evaporated water. The vacuum created by this process causes the fabric to pull inward. This is an advantage sense, unlike other humidifiers, you can easily see when Oasis is ready to refill. We have added a refilling syringe to give you greater control when adding distilled water to your humidifier.

Oasis can last 7-10 days before refilling is needed.
Oasis is waterproof, and will not leak in normal use. Humigel, water absorbing crystals provide a second layer of protection, trapping the water in a gel matrix.

Designed for the ukulele
Reduced humidity output (less than the guitar humidifier) to compensate for the smaller size of the ukulele.

Attaching the humidifier:
Unlike the guitar humidifier, which is suspended vertically inside the instrument, the ukulele humidifier is suspended from the two middle strings horizontally inside the body of the instrument using two grooves cut in the suspension bar. The two grooves are angled to provide additional lateral stability.

What you get
-Oasis ukulele humidifier
-Ukelandia sticker
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