Romero Creations Vibrante Spruce Top Tiny Tenor | Low G Solid Solid Spruce Ukulele Bundle


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Romero Creations Tiny Tenor Vibrante Ukulele

The Tiny Tenor design is a tenor scale ‘ukulele built to the length of a concert ‘ukulele, maximizing portability without compromising sound.

It was Romero Creations’ first instrument, and was conceptualized by GRAMMY® Award winning ‘ukulele virtuoso Daniel Ho and master luthier Pepe Romero.

-Designed by Pepe Romero
-Handcrafted, all solid spruce top
-Pau Ferro body
-17” tenor length scale
-14 frets to the body
-Fits in a concert ukulele case
-Easy access to all frets
-Powerful, crisp tone
-High quality 16:1 tuners
-Ebony fingerboard
-Ebony bridge
-Ebony tuner buttons (hand made)
-Daniel Ho logo
-Pepe Romero Strings UT2 Tenor Ukulele Set (Low G)
★ Comes with a Romero Creations soft shell, eco-friendly case made by Access. “It is light, comfortable, and durable. I’ve been using it for seven years and it is in perfect condition.” ~ Daniel Ho

-Tiny Tenor Low G Vibrante Ukulele
-Romero Creations Soft Shell Gig Bag
-Ukulele Humidifer
-Ukelele Tuner
-Ukulele Capo
-Complimentary Shipping

Spruce is a commonly used tonewood in the construction of musical instruments, especially in the crafting of ukuleles and guitars. The choice of wood significantly influences the instrument's tone, playability, and overall characteristics. Here are some effects that spruce wood can have on an instrument, particularly a guitar, to help you decide whether it suits your preferences:

1. Tone: Bright and Crisp. Spruce is known for producing a bright and crisp tone. Instruments made with spruce often exhibit a pronounced clarity in the high frequencies, making them suitable for genres that require a cutting and articulate sound, such as bluegrass, country, and certain styles of fingerstyle playing.

2. Sensitivity and Responsiveness: Quick Response. Spruce is highly responsive to the player's touch. It tends to have a quick attack and excellent dynamic range, allowing for a wide spectrum of tonal expression. This responsiveness makes spruce guitars favored by players who appreciate the ability to control the instrument's sound with their playing technique.

3. Volume: High Volume. Spruce is known for its ability to produce a strong and projecting sound. Guitars made with spruce tops often have a high volume capacity, making them suitable for playing in larger venues or with other instruments. This quality can be particularly appealing to performers who need their sound to cut through in various musical settings.

4. Sustain: Balanced Sustain. Spruce typically provides a balanced sustain across the frequency spectrum. The notes are clear and well-defined, with a sustain that allows for smooth transitions between chords and individual notes. This can be advantageous for players who seek a balanced and even sound quality.

5. Aesthetics: Light Color and Grain Pattern. Spruce usually has a light color, ranging from pale cream to light yellow. The grain pattern is often straight and fine, contributing to a clean and classic appearance. The light color of spruce can be appealing to those who prefer a more traditional or understated aesthetic.

6. Versatility: Adaptability to Different Styles. The bright and versatile nature of spruce makes it suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Whether you're playing fingerstyle, flatpicking, or strumming, a spruce-topped guitar can adapt to various playing techniques and musical genres.

7. Common Use in High-End Instruments. Premium Quality:** Spruce is often used in high-end and professional-grade instruments due to its desirable tonal characteristics. If you're considering a high-quality instrument, there's a good chance that it may feature a spruce top.

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