Ekolu - 3 String Ukulele by Romero Creations and Daniel Ho BUNDLE with Free Shipping, Case, and Humidifier


Shipping to United States: Free

This is the all new ‘ekolu tiny tenor ukulele. This is a limited edition 10th anniversary model.

Why a 3 string ukulele? Well, here are some common struggles ukulele players have:

Have you ever struggled with barre chords?
Do you avoid songs with chords that require 4 fingers (like E chord)?
Do you have limited reach?
Do you have arthritis or carpal tunnel?
Do you have UAS? (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome)

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, the ‘ekolu is for you! with 3 strings (CEA), you’ll avoid barre chords and still have the benefit of picking and strumming like you would on your standard ukulele!

What You Get:
When you order this ukulele, you’ll receive:
-‘Ekolu ukulele
-Romero Creations case
-Ukulele Humidifier
-Free Shipping
-Clip on Tuner

Set up and final quality control was done by Pepe Romero Jr. (seen in pictures)

Would you like to hear the ‘Ekolu? Daniel Ho plays it in this video: https://youtu.be/BhQwawU07F4?si=tRpwYEKrpdGk3F4W

ʻEkolu is the Hawaiian word for “three.” ʻEkolu Tiny Tenor is an homage to world music instruments that also use three strings, like the sanshin of Okinawa and the balalaika of Russia.

The ultra easy-to-play three-string concept is paired with the original Tiny Tenor, the model that started it all for Romero Creations: a tenor scale ‘ukulele built to the length of a concert, which maximizing portability without compromising sound.

-Tuned C, E, A (highest pitched strings on an ʻukulele)
-Designed by Pepe Romero Jr. & Daniel Ho
-17” tenor length scale
-14 frets to the body
-Fits in a concert ʻukulele case
-Easy access to all frets
-High quality 16:1 tuners
-All-solid Phoenix wood top, back, and sides
-Ebony fingerboard & bridge
-Ebony tuner buttons (hand made)
-Limited Edition 10th Anniversary mother of pearl logo on 12th fret
-Daniel Ho logo on the headstock

★ Comes with a Romero Creations soft shell, eco-friendly case made by Access.

“It is light, comfortable, and durable. I’ve been using it for seven years and it is in perfect condition.” ~ Daniel Ho

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